Eggs Moved to the Top by the

Association of Egg Producers (Yum-Bir) in Antalya between 5 -8 November 2015; The interest of the 2nd Egg Summit, which was organized to design the future of the egg sector together with its stakeholders, to share new developments and to establish unity of thought in the sector, was of great interest.

In addition to numerous egg producers from different provinces, representatives of companies providing feed, vaccine-medicine, chick, viol inputs to the summit, veterinarians serving the poultry sector, managers and experts of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, representatives of non-governmental organizations, as well as representatives of the food sector and academics.

Egg production and trade at the summit in the world and in Turkey, herd health, proper antibiotic use, waste management, innovative approaches in poultry nutrition, known egg and an unknown direction and many issues, especially global threat of bird flu, addressed by local and foreign experts The problems of the egg sector were discussed by female producers. At the summit, we also sought answers to the questions of how to remove chicken feces from waste, how we can create added value from egg shells, and how to make eggs.

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