• Made of Best Eggs It is an acidity regulator with a food preservative effect obtained from Class A egg shells and a processing aid which can be used without e-number regarding to the existing purity criteria.
  • No Restrictions !There is no limitation on its use. It can be consumed by all religion groups,vegetarians and vegetarians who do not eat meat and dairy products.
  • Easy to Use The product to be used can be directly added, immersion solution can be prepared or an aqueous solution can be sprayed.
  • Allergen Free According to TGK Labeling Regulation and EU Directive 2000/13 / EC, the product does not contain allergens.

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Designed for low-consumption business and home use.
1 and 5 gr / packaging


Designed for large-scale businesses and food industry.
1 and 2 kg / packaging

WhyArCa_1100 / Sudayu?




Based on the purification of the egg shell in about 8 steps, a lower cost and more effective type of natural food preservative is provided by a patented technology.



In all scientific studies, it is observed that chemical-based food preservatives have genotoxic effects even at the permissible doses.

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The results show that Sodium Benzoate + Potassium mixture may have clastogenic and / or aneogenic effects in human lymphocytes by MN test in vitro.

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When we evaluate the effects of food preservatives as a whole, most of the preservatives commonly used in foods are genotoxically positive in the test.

WhyArCa_1100 / Sudayu?


This product has a natural content; It replaces harmful food chemicals such as Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate and Natamycin; In Turkey and in the world it is the first in production method and product type.

Our product can be used in both food manufacturers and home; vegetable, fruit and surface disinfection processes. In this context, various studies are carried out in food, cosmetics, textile and cosmetic sector.

In the existing market, harmful and imported food preservatives are used and our product is natural compared to the ones in the market and sector and aims to eliminate the environmental pollution.