Competed in the ITU core technological initiatives, Turkey ...has won

Turkeythe most important entrepreneurial support ITU projects in the core, the Big Bang (Big Bang), 13 finalists of technology-based entrepreneurship project, was the scene of major fighting.

Among the technology projects performing live presentations at the Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center of the Campus, Tabtoy Studios Team won the grand prize of 100 thousand pounds as a result of the jury and public voting with its educational game platform that makes video games integrated with real toys oynan. The second and third awards of 50 thousand pounds were given by Kuax Team with the “smart showcase that perceives the consumer” project and Elif Güngör with the project of producing natural food preservatives from egg shell ”.


At the beginning of 2014, the challenging marathon of technology-based entrepreneurship projects selected from 1000 applicants under the roof of ITU Core opened the door to a new beginning for innovation geniuses with the “happy ending in the Big Bang. At the ITU Core Big Bang, nine of the finalist teams, who managed to achieve the big bang with their effective presentations on the stage, won new awards and gained new opportunities to kur help them build technology companies gerçekleştirmek to realize their projects.

Inaugural speech of ITU Core Big Bang. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, they invest in the young people's ideas as ITU, with the innovative idea of Turkey; 's development and said they are aiming to contribute to the development of its own technology. 2500 ITU Çekirdek, which received 2500 project applications in three years, applied 1000 projects this year and this number and the success of these projects will increase. The total support given to the hatching companies to date exceeded 5 million TL. The project, which came first in 2012, won the 2nd place this year. The projects we will follow today are the product of months of work. We are proud of them all. ”
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