Arkim - Sözcü - HUG 3’ncü dönem katılımcıları belli oldu -

HUG 3rd term participants werewas

Announced Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative (HUG), which was founded in 2017 with an investment of 5 million dollars,announced in the third term. In the third period of Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative, which was established by the successful entrepreneur Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani, 24 entrepreneur candidates who successfully passed the 4-stage election process and 6 were invited to the startup New York program. The finalists, who met in Istanbul for the Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative 2019 Goal Setting Meeting in the last weeks, participated in the 3-day entrepreneurship training program and received training from expert mentors.


Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative received 4 thousand 653 applications in Startup Support Program and 30 thousand 448 applications in Entrepreneur Candidate Support Program. Candidates were evaluated by a total of 17 judges during the evaluation process which lasted for approximately 3 months. Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative, creating over half of the women participants in 2019, up from Izmir to Elazig program was invited to Turkey over the youth. The Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative aims to provide 'equal dreams to everyone regardless of geography, gender and education level by using the algorithm that takes into account the criteria such as 12 statistical regions and gender distribution determined by TUIK.

According to the results announced on the website of Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative, 6 startups and 24 Entrepreneur Candidates who were eligible to participate in the program were announced.

Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative The story of some of the 2019 startup participants is as follows:

Arkim is a biotechnology company that produces natural food preservatives from eggshells.

Arkim ”founders Elif Gungor Reis and Muzaffer Yasar provide products with extended shelf life.


Start Age of Kids, another participant in the Startup Support Program, aims to provide children with the opportunity to migrate to the mobile world and bring all of these content producers and parents together on a digital platform.

Deveci Tech ”aims to produce renewable energy by using the wind produced by the vehicles on the metrobus and roads.

Farming For Farming sağlıy provides measurable, controllable, reportable IoT based vertical agriculture support designed for indoor use.

Rot Parrotize ”meets the simultaneous translation requirements requested in events, conferences and meetings through a mobile application.

ION TION Healthcare üret manufactures wearable sensors in the form of artificial intelligence supported stickers for the diagnosis of the most common arrhythmia of heart diseases.

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