We produce food preservatives from natural sources of calcium.


It can be used in many sectors such as food, vegetables, fruits, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and many packaged products regarding to its features such as prolonging the shelf life of the products when used and having no side effects and natural content. 

It provides a minimum shelf life of 2 times when applied.

There are 2 products as ArCa_1100 and Sudayu. ArCa_1100 is sold in 1kg and 2kg products.

In the year

Arkim was awarded Best Academic Patent Award by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

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The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology gave Techno-Enterprise Capital Support in 2011.

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Tübitak 1507 Teydeb Project Support grants have been commercialized in İstanbul Teknokent A.Ş.

Related toSudayu


  • 30 g / packSudayu is the current product of 30g packaged in 1 big pack.
  • ITUNOVA TTO SupportThe patent process and commercialization activities of Sudayu with a patented technology developed in Turkey is supported by İTÜNOVA TTO.
  • Natural Food PreservativeSudayu is a natural food preservative and fruit and vegetable cleaning agent obtained from Class A egg shells
  • Ion Exchange EffectThanks to the ion exchange effect, bacteria and mold reduce the formation against yeast and slow down the reproduction rate.

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