The first Natural Food Preservative is produced

ITU Core entrepreneur Elif Güngör, produce natural food preservative that Turkey is preparing to enter the food sector which food sector dependent on food chemicals.

One more feature of this food preservative ...
Istanbul Technical University (ITU), the platform ITU kernel of the idea for entrepreneurs who believe that can be converted into innovative and commercial activity 's one of entrepreneurs Elif Güngör, produces natural food preservative from the egg shell.

Güngör: “We obtain the product without adding any chemicals to the eggshell. In Turkey and in the world, it is the first. Our product is natural,has no side effects. It only has protection. It can protect the product it joins for up to 2 years ”.

Güngör stated that they were very successful in trying a natural antibacterial made of egg shell , while a product was very popular which made from oyster shells in Japan as she was buying and selling additives and that they applied for a patent. She stated that the R & D process started with the company it established.

Güngör stated that she obtained natural antibacterial as a result of the project and said, “There was the possibility of purification for this. We gave the second project to TUBITAK for this. In May last year, I finished third in ITU Cord. Now I have a small production. ”

Turkey is dependent on foreign imports of the chemical and found that it costs $ 11 million transfer Güngör, gave the following information for the product:

"Product, you get the egg shell without adding any chemicals. In Turkey and in the world it is the first. The eggshell is completely washed and cleaned. Then we pre-burn and grind. Then we cook for a long time at very high temperatures. The element must not be contaminated in any way. Therefore, we work with a very expensive system. It can be used in dairy products, tomato paste, jam group, confectionery group, bakery products, meat products, powder group such as bouillon and raw meatball sectors. The manufacturer can use it directly by adding it into the product. Our R & D studies continue in approximately 10 companies. 2 of them have been approved.

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